Analysis Request

Michigan Technological University users interested in having samples analyzed at the AQUA Lab should fill out the Analysis Request Google Form and Sample List found below. The completed Sample List gets uploaded to the Analysis Request Google Form.

External users should contact us directly to request analysis.

Required sample volumes

      • Analysis on the Shimadzu TOC+TN Analyzer requires a minimum of 20 mL of sample. 40 mL is preferred.

      • Analysis on the SEAL AQ2 Discrete Analyzer requires a minimum of 2 mL of sample per analyte.

      • Total phosphorus analysis requires a minimum of 15 mL of sample. 25 mL is preferred.

      • Chlorophyll a samples should be submitted as a frozen filter wrapped in aluminum foil. Foil packets should be clearly labeled with the sample ID. Ensure to record and submit filter volumes in the Sample List Sheet.

If you would like to submit samples, but have less than the required volume, email to inquire about options.

Sample preparation

All samples that require filtering must be done so prior to submission. At this time, AQUA does not offer sample preparation or filtering services. The user is responsible for ensuring that samples are collected, preserved, and stored appropriately.

Sample submission instructions

  • Each sample ID must be unique. Each unique sample ID should correspond to a physical sample (the ID and the sample label on the container should correspond). Results will be reported using the Sample IDs submitted on the Sample List form. Sample IDs should be 20 characters or less.

  • Description of the sample matrix and hazards is required. Failing to provide this information could lead to delays or problems with analysis.

  • Any preservation of samples should be described in the Analysis Request, and specified by sample in the Sample List. For example, if acid was added to preserve a sample, list the type of acid, and approximate final pH. Failing to list preservation methods could lead to delays or problems with analysis.

  • If samples require analysis within a specific time frame (e.g. to comply with holding times), please coordinate in advance to ensure that the deadline can be met. Include the proposed date that samples will be dropped off, and the timeframe in which require analysis